khyle brenaj kiddie kollege


Our Mission

The mission of Khyle BreNaj Kiddie Kollege is to provide quality care that supports children’s basic needs. Our goal is to maintain an environment that enhances the social, emotional, and intellectual growth of our children.





We maintain in our minds that children are individuals and should be treated as such. They strive in an environment where they feel nurtured and safe. Our intentions are to help them develop into productive members of society.



The school goal is to provide a warm and stimulating environment where the children feel safe and free to explore the world around them.


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Daycare Services

Khyle BreNaj Kiddie Kollege offers daycare services for children in the community. A typical morning begins with choice time during which the children choose from block building, dramatic play, puzzles, coloring, etc.  This time is followed by circle time, which varies from day to day. Children then have an opportunity to sing their favorite "Good Morning songs", recite various rhymes, poems, discuss their feelings; as well as discuss the weather and so much more.


Pre-k 3

Our Pre-K 3 Classroom is designed to prepare children for what a school setting is like, following a daily schedule that includes helping children transition from different instructional routines.



Universal Pre-K Services

Khyle BreNaj Kiddie Kollege offers Universal Pre-K services. Working alongside the Department of Education, students are instructed by state certified teachers. Children develop foundational common core skills through our learn through play program. This is a free program for students enrolled. The hours of operation are 8:00am- 2:20pm.


After school services

After school services are also provided for those families needing to work beyond school hours.  These services include homework, and tutoring assistance.


Summer camp services

Khyle Brenaj Kiddie Kollege offers Summer Camp Services for children ages five through ten. This program is academically based which offers a variety of Skills in math, reading and writing.














Math is encouraged through tracking the days of the week, block building, songs that involve counting, sorting, classifying, counting the months of the year, compare and contrast,  and time.




Science is encouraged through discussionabout various topics which  includes weather,  fruits, vegetables, pets, zoo animals, ocean life, four seasons, my body and me and five senses.



Social Studies

Social Studies include helping children learn about themselves, their family members and home rules.  They are also taught school rules, classroom routines and how to function as a group.  They learn how to recognize similarities and differences among classmates.  They discover their communities through visits to local stores, post office and the fire station. They also learn about holidays, music and dance.




This activity is designed to help students express themselves through various drawings, self-portrait, water and finger painting and coloring.



Basic Spanish is taught in conjunction with reading and math.  They also learn to say the days of the week, months of the year,  colors, shapes, numbers, hello, goodbye, name of animals, fruits, vegetables, and body parts in Spanish.