Math is encouraged through tracking the days of the week, block building, songs that involve counting, sorting, classifying, counting the months of the year, compare and contrast,  and time.




Science is encouraged through discussionabout various topics which  includes weather,  fruits, vegetables, pets, zoo animals, ocean life, four seasons, my body and me and five senses.



Social Studies

Social Studies include helping children learn about themselves, their family members and home rules.  They are also taught school rules, classroom routines and how to function as a group.  They learn how to recognize similarities and differences among classmates.  They discover their communities through visits to local stores, post office and the fire station. They also learn about holidays, music and dance.




This activity is designed to help students express themselves through various drawings, self-portrait, water and finger painting and coloring.



Basic Spanish is taught in conjunction with reading and math.  They also learn to say the days of the week, months of the year,  colors, shapes, numbers, hello, goodbye, name of animals, fruits, vegetables, and body parts in Spanish.